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The History of Watson-Yates Funeral Home

A Eulogy of the Name Watson
We know not the beginning of time, nor the ending. But that which is passing and is called "now" is best measured by the faith of a family that stood behind the earliest achievement of Paynter F. Watson, who spent his life as an undertaker and cabinet maker of high principles and ideals.

He was inspired, not by hope of financial gain, but by professional duty and personal honor. His aim was to set a new and higher standard in the mortuary field, and to lift the veil of mystery that surrounded his profession in those early days of ancient humanity. Following his ideals, within a few years Painter F. Watson had attained a position of leadership in his community.

The Second Generation
In 1858 Henry H. Watson, son of Paynter, followed in his footsteps, and continued in the profession until his death in 1915. That was 75 years ago. The reputation so early won, "The house that Watson built", holds today inviolate and values far above profits. It is a pleasure to look for a moment upon the road which this family and the community have traveled through the years...years of many conditions and problems, among them, times of financial stress, of war, and readjustment. Through them all, this family has always stood firm, doing its best for its friends in trying times as well as good times.

A Family Tradition

Henry L. Watson, Watson-Yates Funeral Home in Seaford, DE

-Henry H. Watson, of "the house that Watson built", and who followed his father's footsteps in the tradition of a race's origin. 

Medford L. Watson Jr., Watson-Yates Funeral Home in Seaford, DE

-Medford L. Watson, Jr., studied the art of embalming under the direction of Oliver H. Blair, of Philadelphia. He saw service overseas in the World War for more than a year. 

Medford L. Watson Sr., Watson-Yates Funeral Home in Seaford, DE

-Medford L. Watson, Sr., the present head of the firm and graduate of the Renouard Embalming School.

Pasher Watson, Watson-Yates Funeral Home in Seaford, DE

-Pasher Watson, the third member of the firm became associated with his father after serving overseas with the 55th Pioneer Infantry.

Like the laying of a tombstone that marks the memory of the departed, each generation of this family lays a cornerstone that marks a successful traditional foundation. We can truthfully say that the reputation of this family for friendliness, respect, and service has grown steadily every year since its origin.

Our thoughts of today, however, are not all of yesterday, but equally of the purpose and responsibilities of tomorrow. Thus, in 1933 as in 1958, the community still has confidence in the name of Watson... it always has been recognized as full guaranty of knowledge and honor in the task of mortuary services. And that we may continue on through generations to come, we made it our pledge to devote all of the facilities of this company more actively than ever before, to the service, progress, and prosperity of the Delmarva Peninsula.

To carry on the same profession which his father and grandfather followed was the ambition of Medford L. Watson, Sr., who is known throughout the Delmarva Peninsula as a pioneer in the mortuary field, and who always has received the fullest confidence and trust from the people he has served.

As a pioneer in the adoption of the latest improvements, he was the first in the county to use a motor and limousine hearse. Today, all the equipment used by this company is of the most modern and advanced type, and all engagements are conducted in the most efficient and helpful manner. The personnel of this company now consists of Medford L. Watson, Sr., the present head of the firm, and his two sons, Medford L., Jr., and Pasher; two lady assistants, Mrs. Medford L., Jr., and Mrs. Dollie Waller.

Too little attention, heretofore, has been given to the thought of making preparations for the faithful departed. Thus, the experience of knowing how to make plans for burial is every day becoming more important to the American family. The spirit of the life we live, the speed in which it passes, as well as the complexity of modern civilization, demand that every phase of a funeral shall definitely speak its purpose, and that it shall, through its harmony in choice and arrangement, create an atmosphere of peace and solemnness.

As a result, there is a growing tendency among thinking people toward making funeral arrangements before the need arises; a precaution that should be adopted by the head of every family. The mind, when free from worry, functions more perfectly in planning a service that is more fitting and with some thought toward economy. It is better able to consider calmly many things that might be overlooked. To encourage this idea, we offer complete information about funerals. You are invited to come in and ask any question; become acquainted with funeral methods and costs without any obligation on your part. You will be surprised to find that fitting service, with all the stately beauty and refinement, is much less costly than you ever imagined.

A visit to our funeral parlor will assure you that we are capable of offering to the public elaborate furnishing for an exacting clientele who demands the best regardless of cost, and furnishing with prices to meet the need of any family. We secure the necessary certificate from your family physician, arrange for burial permits, and offer advice in regard to life insurance to protect the family's interest. Newspaper notices are prepared, telegrams sent, flowers ordered, cemetery arrangements all made if you so desire.

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