Providing Dignified Funeral Arrangements for Your Loved Ones

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Funeral Parlor in Seaford, Delaware

Located in Seaford, Delaware, Watson-Yates Funeral Home is a family-owned-and-operated funeral parlor offering personalized funeral and cremation services and support in your time of need.

We Offer:

• Embalming & Preparations of the Body
• Use of Facilities and Staff for Viewing
• Use of Facilities and Staff for Funeral
• Ceremony (with Body Present)
• Use of Facilities and Staff for Memorial Service (without Body Present)
• Use of Equipment and Staff for Gravesite Service
• Funeral Director and Staff for Off-Site Service

• Sheltering of Remains
• Transportation
• Direct Cremation
• Immediate Burial
• Forwarding of Remains to Another Funeral Home
• Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home
• Casket & Urn Sales


About Watson-Yates Funeral Home
Medford L. Jr., and Louise Watson had a son, Paynter Medford Watson, born to them in 1921. Paynter would grow up around the business and would eventually become the 6th generation funeral director in his family.

After graduating from high school, Paynter went to Eckels Mortuary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from which he graduated in 1940. Upon returning to Seaford, he joined the family business, until WWII, when he was drafted into the Army and served from 1942 until 1945.

In 1945, Medford L. Watson Sr., passed away and Medford Jr. took over the day-to-day operation of the business with his son Paynter assisting him. After a few years, Pasher Watson Medford's brother left the firm to pursue other interest. In 1959 Medford L. Watson Jr., passed away and Paynter Watson became the sole operator of the business until 1968, when took in Gary Yates as an associate.

Mr. Watson retired in 1986 at the age of 65 and turned the operation of the funeral parlor over to Mr. Yates. The funeral home incorporated in 1988, with Mr. Yates becoming the majority shareholder and Mr. Watson minority shareholder. Upon the death of Paynter Watson in 2001, Mr. Yates inherited the business and property.


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